#EyeEmPaid: The 4 Top-Selling Photo Themes in July

By Brada - 5 min read

Picture editor Brada talks us through the photos that sold the most this month

My team of photo editors and I review every photo that sells, every single month. That way, we can identify the trending themes and share them with you – and you can upload the photos that buyers are after! This month’s focus is edits and colors, and how photographers have used them to take bestselling shots.

Congratulations to all those who sold recently! When you’re next out shooting and editing photos, be sure to utilize colors and grading. Then add the results to EyeEm Market to get the attention of next month’s photo buyers.

Lighter & Brighter

Summer, happiness, positivity… Light colors convey a certain brightness – just what so many image buyers are looking for!

By Matias Castello

By Tommi

By b r o o nyc o

By Satu

By Cristian Bortes

Darkest Hour

When darkness falls, the world comes to life in the most unexpected of ways. Whether it’s the colors of a long exposure shot, starry night skies, live music events or the dull lights of long nights, dark photos have an atmospheric and emotional edge.

By Micah Wyatt

By monix

By Pojch

By Jae Cho

By Bence Kutasi

Bold Colors

Get fun, get playful and grab attention with bold colors, a sure way to catch the attention of photo buyers! After all, they’re likely to be drawn to the shots that jump out at them the most. Play around with filters and editing tools to hone this look – but be sure to gently enhance the photo rather than over-edit it.

By Sittig

By Tom Krieger

By Luca Romano

By zhizhi

By Jerry Kestel


The use of these color themes can be seen throughout the travel images that were bought this month.

From light to dark, bold to even bolder, travel shots are selling incredibly well. Have a sneaky look at our full guide to the top travel themes for photo buyers this season!

By Giulia Nerbano

By Yann Sasportas

By Joona

By Rachel

By Reinier Snijders

Explore our larger selection of this month’s bestselling photos and see which other photo trends you can spot! Don’t forget to say hi to the photographers who sold while you’re at it.

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