#EyeEmPaid: Four Top-Selling Photo Themes in August

By Brada - 5 min read

Picture editor Brada talks us through the photos that sold the most this month.

Each month, our team of photo editors reviews the photos that sold the most. We look for emerging trends and successful themes to share with you – so that you can upload photos that buyers are on the hunt for. For August, I have identified four trends themes that consistently produce bestsellers.

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Photos with recognizable people in them are always in high demand. Not only do they convey emotion, but also give the viewer someone to identify with – which makes any situation more lively and authentic.

Out shooting with friends? Capture them interacting, having fun, or looking straight into the camera. We’ve noticed that pictures with direct eye contact sell most often. Just remember that all images of recognizable people need a model release before you can sell them.

Rear view of a thoughtful teenage girl on footbridge against clear sky

By Thais

Close-up portrait of beautiful woman

By Jamie L

Young man walking on street against white wall

By Benjamin Lee

Extreme close-up of person eye

By Ekaterina Khudyakova

Rear view of happy young woman against illuminated cityscape

By André Yeo


The world we live in is constantly on the move: From trains, plane and automobiles to super fast communication through online channels. Photos that show our daily travels – be it through something concrete like a cars or something more abstract like blurry headlights – relate to the fast pace at which we live our lives. They are particularly popular when they give away the location of the shot: Street signs in French, or natural beauty that ties your photos to a certain place.

High angle view of boats on sea

By Tim Chong

Blurred motion of person riding bicycle on city road

By Carlo Velasquez

Blurred motion of illuminated moving walkway at airport

By Jan-Stefan Knick

View from riding electric cart in city

By Ty Sheers

Light trails on road against sky during sunset

By Benjamin van der Spek


It may still be warm in the northern hemisphere, but image buyers are already thinking about the coming seasons. As we approach the end of summer, the photos that have shown to sell well feature the orange and yellow tones of fall and all the aspects that make it a great time of the year.

Corncobs on barbecue

By DeasyBuwana

Midsection of woman with open on laps at bed

By Jess

High angle view of dry leaves on wooden table

By Waldemar Błażej Nowak

Barn on grassy field against sky

By brien

Full frame shot of wall

By Christian Brunner


It may seem like a cliché, but animal photos do reign the internet. Photos of pets, no matter if they are funny or more neutral, consistently sell well on EyeEm Market. And they work particularly well if they feature interesting colors or expressions on the animals’ faces.

Close-up portrait of sheep

By LiMaHa

Person standing by west highland white terrier on field

By Nick

Lynx sitting on field

By Anna

Close-up of gold and blue macaw

By Herianus Herianus

Flamingos against black background

By Brett Worth

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