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#EyeEmPaid: Four Top-Selling Photo Themes in January

By Brada - 7 min read

The bestsellers of the past month, grouped by colors.

Once more, we’ve tallied up the numbers to see what photos sold the most on EyeEm Market in the past month. From your feedback we’ve learned that you like finding out about the types of photos that do well, which is why we’re bringing you a broader selection of photos this time, grouped not by subjects but by colors.

Shades of White

White has a unique property: It’s the color of the printed page, and so we associate it with space and calmness. White photos tend to isolate certain image segments, giving them room to be noticed by the eye.

Low angle view of cloth against sky
Young woman smoking against sky
Close-up of vintage car
Close-up of frozen flower

Shades of Red

A powerful color, red can make your photos pop and draw attention to them. Red is also a warm color, and particularly during the winter months it helps image buyers achieve positive associations with your photos.

Men being carried by group of people during concert
Close-up of bread in oven
Low section of people roller skating on road
Rear view of graduates standing against american flag during sunny day

Shades of Green

Green is the color of nature, and as such it plays into ongoing popular themes like wanderlust, travel, and exploration. Kale green was also named color of the year by Pantone.

Woman looking out of train's window
Rear view of woman walking on footbridge in forest
Street lamp illuminating footpath

Shades of Blues

Who ever said that blue was a sad color? Images dominated by blue appear calm and balanced – and pictures of the sky are great of layouts, too.

Close-up of binoculars against cloudy sky
Light trails on country road at night
Low section of blue-footed booby on rock
High angle view of balls at tennis court
Illuminated buildings seen through window with reflection of man

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