EyeEm Selects is a new feature within the EyeEm app that helps you find the best photos on your phone. It scans your camera roll and uses computer vision to suggest photos to upload. Best of all: The scanning happens right on your device, meaning that nobody sees your pictures until you decide to share them.


At EyeEm, we’ve built the world’s most advanced computer vision technology: It scans photos to determine their content, relevant keywords, and aesthetic quality.

Today, we’re introducing that technology to our image uploader. Right above your camera roll, you will now see EyeEm Selects, which provides upload suggestions generated by computer vision. To find your best photos, the EyeEm app scans your entire camera roll and selects the photos with the best aesthetics; pictures that are composed particularly well, have the best quality, or highest chance of selling on EyeEm Market.

All of this happens right on your device, meaning that your photos aren’t transferred to a server. This saves you bandwidth, battery power, and most importantly means that nobody – not even us – can see the photos in your camera roll before you decide to upload them.



EyeEm Selects is a great way to unearth the hidden gems among your photos. Chances are, your camera roll is full of pictures you didn’t share right after shooting them. Update your app to start finding them – all without having to search yourself.

Update: After debuting on Android, EyeEm Selects is now available on iOS as well. Click here to read more and download the app.

Header image by Khanh Đào Tuấn.