EyeEm Presents: James Greenhalgh

By Marili Persson, and Grace Farson - 4 min read

James Greenhalgh, the London-based photographer and student who is making an impression in the photography community traveled to Berlin to meet with us in our offices. He shared insights into his process and his intimate style of portraiture.

James Greenhalgh’s portraits of teenage boys capture the sensitivity and emotion of growing up in a genuine way. Men are often told and conditioned to act and behave in a certain way and through his work, Greenhalgh is interested in representing masculinity in a way that is true to him and his community.

By using photography as his tool, Greenhalgh aims to find ways to break down boundaries between people and to build trust. In doing this, he manages to capture moments in time when a person is most vulnerable, most real. As a film photographer, much of Greenhalgh’s work is also tied to the process. He is calculated and patient and in order to capture a person inthe right moment, he believes it’sall about making a connection. For Greenhalgh, few things are more beautiful than someone opening up and being wholly themselves without fear or judgment.

Video & Audio: Grace Farson
Editing: Marili Persson

If you’d like to see more of James Greenhalgh’s work, visit his website or head over to his EyeEm profile.

About EyeEm Presents
This video marks the start of EyeEm Presents, a video series spotlighting creators in our community. EyeEm Presents is designed to provide photographers with an opportunity to speak about their work in more detail, and share important insights about their cretaive journey.