The woods by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

Meet Stefan Bucher a techie that is a massive photo enthusiast and light lover. He’s a big fan of lo-fi and vintage looking effects, but it’s really important that it’s not too exaggerated! We sat him down for a moment and asked him a couple of questions.

Hi there! Who are you? And what do you do?

I am basically a big photo enthusiast and a light lover. You will find me most likely exploring my home-town Zürich, Switzerland, for architecture and streetscapes, strolling through parks or the nature close-by or doing gardening work in my backyard. Other than that, I have a day job in the tech industry.

Rocks by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

How did you start taking photos with your phone?

In the early era of blogging, it was cool to post pictures from the mobile phone (moblogging). That’s how I started seven or eight years ago with photos in ridiculously low resolution. As a blogger I felt like I had something to say to the world – photography was not so much my focus then. Now, with the new devices and dedicated services the mobile experience and photography come together like never before. I enjoy the instant gratification of the images, sharing my vision and also working on a personal portfolio of mobile photography.

Bent road by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

What is your source of inspiration?

Since I also take photographs with vintage film cameras and share the pictures on Flickr, I find a lot of inspiration in the active, worldwide community of film photographers. That also tells something about my preferred style: lo-fi, Lomo-like or vintage looking effects – but not too much exaggerated. Subject matter wise I am interested in contemporary landscapes or the work of the classic New Topographics.

Power Poles by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

What’s your favorite personal picture and please explain the story behind it.

The photo of the three chairs on the street in front of a store in Zürich’s Kreis 5 combines the vintage feel with light and shadow and speaks to me because I personally insisted on taking this shot. Rushing back from lunch with co-workers, I followed my own pace, looked, stopped and took the photo as an expression of my own vision.

Chairs by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm


Enough time to spend with my photography, both traditional and mobile. Traveling and exploring landscapes and meeting people. Getting satisfaction and health through what I most love doing. And eventually a finished book project with my photographs. Thanks for the opportunity of being featured on the blog.

by Stefan Bucher on EyeEm

Thanks Stefan!