Congratulations, Nicolas! You are the #1 winner of the EYE’EM Award 2010. Who are you? And what are you doing?

Hi, my name is Nicolas Arcay Bermejo, I am a French creative based in Paris, France. I’ve been working for 10 years in the digital industry and started freelancing 5 years ago.

What was your first reaction? And what’s the story behind your photo?

My first reaction was to call my fiancé to break the news. She offered me the week-end to Berlin and that’s where I took the photo.

This photo was taken on November 8th 2009, the day before the 10th anniversary commemorations of The Fall of Berlin Wall, in a restaurant a few steps away from Checkpoint Charlie. The soldier on this photo is a background extra who, at that time, was having his lunch break at the rear of the restaurant. This man, alone, dressed up like this, in this decor was altogether weird, magical and timeless. So I took this photo, which would later become “Alone”.

Which mobile device did you use? Was there any retouching?

I used my Iphone 3GS to take this photo, on which I applied a filter and a vignetting on CameraKit (an iphone app).

What is the beauty of mobile photography in your eyes? How did you start?

Most likely the power to be able to take a photo anytime, anywhere, test and experiment new ways of framing but more importantly instantaneously share this vision with the rest of the world.With mobile photography there are no rules to follow and our environment then becomes a wonderful playground and an limitless source of inspiration. I started photography when I was 12, at first with argentic and then digital with the first available cameras. My first mobile photos were taken from my iPhone 3G, and even though I still have a Lomo and a LX3, more than 80% of my photos are now shot from my iPhone.

What is the future of mobile photography?

Opening this art to more and more people, for sure and a bigger awareness of the possibilities of this device. And if I may hope, a definite acceptance from professional photographers of this new type of art photography. As a conclusion to this interview, I’d like to congratulate all the contestants of the EYE’EM AWARD 2010, I saw amazing photos. And I would also like to thank the jury for their commitment to this event and EYE’EM’s team for a great work at organizing such an event.

Thanks for making it possible.