If you haven’t heart of him yet, EYE’EM introduces you to a mobile photographer from Switzerland who will definitely call some attention in the close future. It was particularly hard to choose a photo selection this time, because there are just too many shots of this guy worth noticing here. Playing with his iPhone and various apps he achieved an impressive and unique style for his mobile imagery. Probably that’s why people are used to call him nique! This is EYE’EM featuring Dominique Jost. Enjoy!

Hi Dominique, who are you? And what are you doing?

My name is Dominique Jost, I currently live in Berne (Switzerland) and work in the software industry. I take pictures with my iPhone and post them to Flickr, Tumblr and Posterous. If you want to know more or want to get in touch, you can catch me on Twitter. (@nique88888)

What is the the beauty of mobile Photography?

First of all, mobile photography connects people in a very down to earth, raw and personal way. all due to the fact that shooting, editing and sharing has become a simple and straightforward affair. it’s all about creating kick-ass art and sharing it with the world within minutes. subpar cameras are no excuse for crappy shots! you just need to log on to Twitter, search for #iphoneography and check out what people manage to squeeze out of their phones.

How has mobile photography influenced street photography?

I never thought of myself as a pure street photographer. I like taking pictures of people. If they happen to be on the streets, fine.

What is your source of inspiration?

pretty much anything that is original and tells some sort of story. I’m all for  the occasional lucky and random photo, but prefer to see the photographer making the shot work. You could compare it to a movie director placing his actors, setting the lights and camera angles so that everyone on film looks their best and contribute to a (hopefully) memorable scene. Photographers I admire make an everyday life scenario look like a perfectly and carefully arranged frame from a movie.

In your view, what is your most meaningful picture?

Can I mention three? my first mobile shot “train.to.nowhere”, because an app called ToyCamera managed to transform this crappy & noisy pic into a cool & noisy pic. the second would have to be “road.lake.bike” because it was my first that got a lot of attention on Flickr and made me realize that I was suddenly shooting “for others” as well. Up to that point, I would take a shot, edit, upload, forget and move on. As silly as it may sound, I had mobile-photographers-upload block, not knowing whether I would ever be able to reproduce a similar result again. the last would be “man.in.the.middle.vol.1” because it kicked off my fetish for self reflections and shadows.

6. Finally, what are your predictions for this year? Where is Mobile Photography going?

The community is going to grow, we are just at the beginning of this movement. There will be more artists, more styles, more apps and more “real” galleries showcasing talent from all over the world. at the moment mobile photography is iPhone photography, but other manufacturers are catching up (slowly…very slowly), so it’s going to be interesting to see how that will drive innovation and what products and services will emerge from it.  Currently Twitter is where everything an everyone comes together, but I’m still waiting for the killer platform, specifically geared toward mobile photography. I know there’s BestCamera, but it’s tightly coupled with a single app and misses some core functionality. Finally, as technology evolves and phone cameras get better and replace point-and-shoots, it will surely loose its novelty and will be considered as the default way of taking pics. At that point we will have a new definition of what used to be “mobile photography”.

Check out Dominique’s work!