Who are you? And what are you doing?

My name is Aik Beng Chia aka Pixelmunky. I’m an illustrator & a designer based in Singapore. When i’m not shooting, I’ll illustrate and some of my illustration can be found at www.pixelmunky.com.

How did you start taking photos with your mobile phone?

In 2007, I stumbled upon an iPhone photography site: ‘Just What I See, The iPhone Street Photography Of Greg Schmigel’. It got me interested in iPhone Photography. I’ve been capturing images for 3+ years and most recently i’m into street photography and experimenting with various apps to pimpz up my images.

What’s your source of inspiration?

As you know, I’m from Singapore and Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city filled with diversity and multiplicity of cultures, languages, arts and architecture, constantly evolving with the time. Having all this in front of me, it inspires me to capture images that most people will not notice, be it through commuting, places or people they bypass everyday. Often i asked myself, how do I make the subject i want to shoot wherever i am, beautiful yet at an instant. that’s my challenge & my inspiration. I am also inspired by the community of other great iPhoneographers whom i got to know.

What’s your favorite photo and it’s story?

One of my favorite photo is ‘Yum Cha’ it’s one of my earliest b/w shot. What I like about it was, i captured the moment of solitude and simple pleasures of life at the same time.

How are the preparations for your exhibition going? What can we expect?

My exhibition entitled four80bythree20 will have 80 pieces that will feature my new and current photographs. four80bythree20 is a part of the Swipe(d) series of stolen moments. taken through the digital eye of my iPhone. And when they’re all done, just swipe to view.

What about the mobile photography scene in Singapore?

The mobile photography scene in Singapore is still pretty new. I believe it’s a matter of time, mobile photography will kick off.
Presently, there are a handful of locals are pushing the awareness of mobile photography using iPhone. Like Ivan Kuek, a fellow iPhone photographer who run a Facebook page ‘iPhone Photography’ that regularly spotlights both locally & overseas iPhone photographers. Damien Gan, whom was featured in EYEEM couple of months back. Sherry Chen, Justin See, Jayson Ang and many more. iPhone photography is the modern day ‘Polaroid’. Mobile photography is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

For the future you’ re dreaming of…

In the near future, not too far away, I hope to publish a book entitled Swipe(d). Another solo exhibition next year hopefully. A new iphone 4 or 5? A new series of new illustration, paintings & more sketches too and lastly submitting my works for the 4th Annual iPhone Photography Awards.

Please do yourself a huge favor & follow up on his work!

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