Macworld 2013 at ArtHaus by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Macworld is the biggest Apple fan event in the world. Taking place once a year in San Francisco and attracting thousands of visitors, we’re particularly proud that some of our EyeEm Ambassadors were invited to host workshops and give talks about mobile photography.

Taking place on January 30, the 12-hour workshop iPhoneography: Mobile Masters attracted most of the photography folk. Featuring talks of the likes of Jack Hollingsworth (who held our 2nd EyeEm Masterclass in Berlin), Richard Koci Hernandez (featured here) and our friend Marty Yawnick from, the conference represented the largest assemblage of photography experts & enthusiasts of the mobile age.

EyeEm Ambassadors Star Rush (Seattle), Jen Pollack Bianco (Los Angeles), Misho Baranovic (Melbourne) and Dutch Doscher (New York) dived straight into the hustle and bustle and recorded their adventures in the album Macworld 2013. Read on to savor their photos and stories from the event.

Macworld 2013 by Star Rush on EyeEm

Macworld 2013 by Star Rush on EyeEm

Macworld 2013 at San Francisco, CA by Star Rush on EyeEm

Jen Pollack Bianco:

Highlights for me: discovering the work of the young wunderkind Christian J Sweet (all of 22 years old) was pretty incredible. He’s totally original, incredibly talented and in a category all his own.

I had the most fun hanging out with fellow shooters like Dan Berman and Dutch Doscher (who insisted on walking to the water’s edge to watch sun rise instead of getting sleep). That made for some memorable moments and Dutch got the best shot of the trip photographing a guy named Tim near the Bay Bridge.

Is it cool to say that another highlight was visiting the Haus of Hipstamatic? San Fran street shooter Travis Jensen (who couldn’t be nicer) hooked us up and it was like getting a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. They have fabulous offices and Mario and Molli made great hosts, offering us an afternoon beer on their groovy patio. It’s nice to see people who are passionate about mobile technology and photography doing well and doing some interesting projects along the way. App startups are the new rock stars:)

Macworld 2013 at Hipstamatic by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

In addition to the hundreds of different candy colored iPhone cases and accessories, it was the most fun to hang out with fell shooters and talk shop. Face time allows you to catch up and let the direction go in multiple directions. It was fun learning what people had coming up and it was nice to meet some virtual friends (like France Freeman and Stephanie Roberts) in real life for the first time. I found all the visual stimulus really overwhelming on the convention floor– I was particularly creeped out by the robot-on-wheels iPad holder (but maybe that is just me).

Macworld 2013 at Hipstamatic by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Star Rush:

For me, this was my introduction to so many talented people with whom I’ve had on-going friendships on-line but haven’t had the chance to meet in real life, as they say. I left inspired, having the chance to hangout out and get to know people like Misho Baranovic, Stephanie Roberts, Dan Berman, Dutch Doscher, France Freeman, and others. I also met Cindy Patrick, Tammy George, Deb Evans Braun, Robyn Littlefield-Dudley, Karen Devine, and many others. I was part of the last panel group of the day. While it was late (well past 9 p.m. PST) when we concluded, I was impressed by how many people stayed to the end and supported us. It was also rewarding to be able to show some of my photos and talk about things like creative motivations and distinguishing elements of the mobile medium as visual and photographic art.

In the end, we didn’t formally host a photo walk. However, when I look back at the Macworld 2013 album on EyeEm, it looks a little like shots from a walk as well as a scrapbook of a generative, supportive community getting to know its members, inspiring one another, and having a lot of really good laughs.

Macworld 2013 in San Francisco by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Macworld 2013 in San Francisco by Misho Baranovic on EyeEm

Macworld 2013 at San Francisco by Misho Baranovic on EyeEm

Macworld 2013 in San Francisco by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Macworld 2013 at The Tempest by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Misho Baranovic:

While there were lots of people selling things, the highlight for me was definitely spending time with other mobile photographers. It was so exciting to be able to talk about how the medium has grown over the past few years and also imagine what the future might look like.

I also enjoyed the short photo walk we did between locations. Even in these fleeting trips I was able to see how some of the master shooters view their surroundings and approach their shooting. I always love watching people when they get into the mobile photography zone.

Macworld 2013 at San Francisco, WA by Star Rush on EyeEm