Today’s release of EyeEm 5.6 for Android brings a complete redesign, the first to integrate Google’s celebrated Material Design language into a photo sharing app. You can now be among the first to experience it by updating the app at the link below.

Android users can update to EyeEm 5.6 here:

This update delivers a dramatically fluid, streamlined app experience. Right away, you’ll notice the difference in the app’s improved navigation, an all-new News tab, and a seamless upload experience.

The EyeEm design team elegantly combined Google’s Material Design with the original feel of the EyeEm app, combining the powers of both to create something truly unique – and that above all, upholds photography and the photographer’s experience. It’s the same app you’ve come to know and love with a crisp new design. We think you’ll love the new EyeEm Android experience. See for yourself!


What’s new

Material Design for an overall improved experience

To EyeEm’s dedicated Android photographers, 5.6 will feel like an entirely new app.Fluidity and simplicity shine above all else thanks to the newly applied Material Design – Google’s evolving design language. Praised for marrying beauty with function and threading consistent design across apps, Material Design makes for an overall improved experience.

Your News all in one place

News brings your notifications all under one tab. Follower and comment notifications, news items, and Missions will now appear together in the News tab. Previously, your notifications were sent to the corner of your screen, and you also had to click between tabs and Notifications to see it all. Front and center under one roof, you won’t miss a thing.

Seamless uploading

Fewer steps is supreme, and that’s exactly what the 5.6 update achieved with the floating action button, also known by designers as FAB. Previous to FAB, uploading a photo meant being pulled away from the app to choose from your phone’s native camera roll. With FAB, you can now simply choose a photo from within the app’s upload screen, making your upload experience seamless. Selling photos is now made easier than ever, too. With a new Market button directly on your profile, you can access EyeEm Market to manage your sales and licenses.


Read even more on the design process from Jaime Muñoz, UX/UI Designer at EyeEm, in this article on Medium. We hope you love EyeEm 5.6 for Android. Try it today, and tell us what you think!

Android users update here:

Header image by @laurazalenga