Dogs Are Awesome. Period.

By EyeEm Team - 1 min read

Our resident dog lover explains why dogs are simply the best.

Drew, EyeEm’s Director of Communications in the US and an enthusiastic dog lover, shares his thoughts on the subject of dogs in celebration of International Dog Day.

I love dogs. Dogs are loyal, they’re ready to hug you after a long day and they don’t sit around judging you like cats do. Dogs even make friends with cats. They even love cake.

Cat people don’t get it. I love cats too, but today is International and National Dog Day, so sorry cat people.

Dogs are furry, loyal and cute. Their belly is the softest thing you could ever dream of scratching – and dogs love it. They are your friend and they even protect you.

Happy International Dog Day!

P.S. I added a cat photo at the end, because they’re kind of cute too. And a photo of my dog. Together.

Drew’s cat and dog: