Curated Collection: Through A Moving Window

By Brada - 5 min read

See how photographers make sense of the world by peering through a frame.

Photography is a way of making sense of the world – by capturing small segments of it in manageable bits. In fact, the Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain once said that photography was about “organizing the rectangle” – in effect putting a frame around the world.

In that respect, taking photos is not unlike the way we often look at our environment: Not directly but through some kind of frame. It can be the window in a house, that of a driving car, or even be the screen you are looking through right now, as you read this. It’s a unique perspective: Only revealing a small field of vision, a window lets us see just a cutout of the environment. And if the window itself moves – as part of a vehicle for instance – it slowly reveals more and more increments of the world.

In this curated collection we’re exploring this perspective in photography. In the following photos, the view through a window is the central element, adding not just another visual layer but also a layer of meaning: They capture our collective look at the world, in a time when everyone is constantly on the move.


By Marie Simonova

Scenic view of calm lake by mountains and trees

By Anurag

Scenic view of landscape against sky during sunrise

By Arno


By Piciu Zen

Cropped image of boat sailing in river by mountains

By Johannes Hulsch

Scenic view of sea against sky

By Andrew Hays

Seascape with mountain range in background

By Anna Wittkowski

Woman in car

By 肖益成

one person

By Giorgia


By Darcy Tuppen

Low angle view of silhouette people at observation point by onaruto bridge

By Mubariz Khan


By Arno


By André Diniz


By Baturay Tüngür


By Noel

Majestic rock formation

By Brendan Lynch

Man looking through window of boat

By beholders

Bare trees in forest at night

By Eygabroad

By Luca Tommasi


By luka

Aros aarhus kunstmuseum seen through wet glass window

By daFred


By Merethe Svarstad Eeg

Beautiful woman wearing scarf standing at car door

By Sasha Dudkina


By Noppadol Maitreechit


By Dan Rubin

Header image by @kevinorbitz.

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