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Bold and Beautiful: A Collection of Broken Patterns

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With its solid colors and striking use of lines, this visual trend creates impact that is both simple and dynamic. Let yourself be hypnotized by these clever compositions.

By The Missing Colors

By Adrian

"Pair bright tones and bold lines to create a pattern the eye clings to."

These photos work so well because of their contrast: By pairing bright tones and bold lines they create a pattern that the eye clings to. This is particularly nice to look when the pattern is disrupted by an object in the foreground: It breaks the rule and makes the minimalism more human and relatable.

By Takeshi

By zhizhi

By Farhan Hussain

By Kostis Fokas

By dantee

By Teresa Rosas

By Marco Di Stefano

By Joerg Dirmeitis

By Mohammed Khuzaima

By Arno

By Edu

By Zanshin Kuge

By afrijal dahrin zega

By yinyin

By Snev Rotbok

By Luis Enero

By Damian

By Michael J Berlin

By Mario Gh

Header image by @zhizhi.