Colorful photos – you just can’t beat them huh? Immediately communicating an energy or feeling, it’s incredible the different moods you can capture with different tones and hues. That’s why we’re teaming up with Motorola to challenge you in a series of nine awesome missions to get playful with color!

What’s super cool about these missions is that your photo could end up as a featured wallpaper on one of Motorola’s phones. Motorola are putting together a range of images to be featured as wallpapers on their devices, and are looking for your colorful photos to be included!


So get ready guys – in the following couple of weeks, there will be a series of color based missions in the app for you to get involved with. Today, we’ll kick off with the very first mission – it’s all about Mint! With a focus on 45 degree angles, the specifications are loose enough for you to really play around with and get creative. Good luck everyone!

What’s coming up:
1. Mint
2. Orange
3. Turquoise
4. Raspberry
5. Coral
6. Periwinkle
7. Lime
8. Lemon
9. Violet


Hisako Sugano

David Crunelle

Chi Lan

All details will be in the mission launch posts, but as ever, you can get in touch with us directly with any questions on Facebook, Twitter or EyeEm.

Header Image by David Crunelle