Chance Encounters: Your Best Shots from Lesson 8 of the School of Photography

By Maddie - 4 min read

The strange, the surprising, the unusual: Your photos of unexpected motifs.

From October to December, we’re bringing you a new lesson of the EyeEm School of Photography every week. Lesson Eight was all about spotting something new and training your eyes to find the unusual.

We then sent you on a fitting Mission to try out what you learned – and you submitted your photos to Chance Encounters. Here we’re featuring some of the top photos you took!

Thanks to everyone for taking part and congratulations if your photo was selected! We’ll have a new Lesson up for you tomorrow.

By Yh

By Wan

By Sami Farra

By Alex Bugli

By delf

By Katharina Fernández

By Deekshant yadav

By P. N. King Pagulayan

By Cyndi

By Agoes Alwie


By Patarapol Tularak

By Luka Khabelashvili

By Thomas W.

By Luthfy Prayoga

By tom shower

By Charlon Joseph R. Quitalig

By Jose Miguel Lisbona

By Ayanava Sil

By Tufan Cevahirci

Header image by @tomshower