Celebrating Nature in All Its Forms: A Mission With Deutsche Welle

By Lucy - 3 min read

See the winner and runners-up from the Nature’s Diversities Mission.

“With the camera, I get the opportunity to catch and preserve special moments and the beauty of nature.”
– Dagmar Schelske

Nature comes in all shapes and sizes, on all continents and in all climates. It’s powerful, it’s vulnerable, it’s all around us – and this is something we don’t celebrate enough.

In Nature’s Diversities, our Mission with Deutsche Welle’s Global Ideas program, we looked for shots that show off mother nature’s work. Congratulations to the overall winner, Dagmar Schelske, who was interviewed and published on Deutsche Welle!

Close-up of bird perching on branch

Winner: tony daelsch

Close-up of chameleon tail

Runner-up: Mehmet Özhan Araboğa

Close-up of jellyfish against blue background

Runner-up: stefan_eb

Birds flying over calm sea

Runner-up: Stefano Gambetta

Full frame shot of elephant

By Álmos Eőry

By Andrew Ward

Cropped image of person holding broad beans

By Wes Martinez

By Armi Fello

By Robert Yaskovic

Midsection of man holding dead sea slugs at beach

By Chinita

About Global Ideas at Deutsche Welle (DW): Global Ideas reports on global biodiversity and wildlife conservation for DW, Germany’s international broadcaster. Want to read more? Check out their interview with EyeEm photographer Joel Mataro.

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Header image by @dagmar_tony.