Capturing Adventure through a Lens. All Eyes On: Willy Barros

By EyeEm Team - 5 min read

Constantly in breathtaking locations, we were curious: What was Willy up to that took him to such fantastic spots? We caught up with him to find out a little more.

Willy Barros caught our attention with his beautiful photography in exotic locations. It made us curious. What was Willy up to that took him to such fantastic spots? We caught up with him to find out a little more.

Hi Willy! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Willy, I am 23 years old, Brazilian, and I live in the Northeast region of Brazil where the most beautiful beaches of the country are found. I am majoring in Advertising and Propaganda and also in Business Administration at two different colleges. I try to combine these two areas as I update my travel blog.

Ah, so you have a travel blog! That explains all the incredible location shots.

Yes! I have always loved backpack traveling and taking alternative routes, away from the common path. I love exotic places and different cultures, and naturally, this kind of traveling produces many stories. This motivated me to start the blog. My wish is that more people have the chance to learn about the places I have been. Photography has a lot to do with all this.

How did you get into photography? Do you shoot on your phone?

Photography is my way to register everything interesting I see. As someone who travels a lot, I see many things and the camera lens becomes a third eye to capture such scenery. I am not much attached to specific equipment, especially because I am not a professional nor have I mastered photography techniques. For a long time, I took pictures using a simple digital Samsung TL220 camera. I have used K1 Motorola cell phone, and now I have a Nikon D5200, but most of my photos are taken with an iPhone (the best thing ever invented).

You’ve shot some beautiful locations. What goes through your mind as you capture these amazing places?

When I’m about to take a picture of a stunning landscape, I want to make it even more incredible. I will never be able to shoot these places exactly as they are; even the best photo is not going to capture the reality of the wonderful landscape in front of me, so I have to highlight the best of these places. If the sky is perfect that day, I try to take a picture highlighting the sky; if there are people admiring the view, I try to get an angle that will show the moment with those people. The picture can never be a perfect representation of reality, but at least it convey the sensation that place brought me.

What are your favorite things to photograph?

I like to take pictures of everyday life in the places I go, whether in nature or a city. But I think it is cool to photograph people or to have people in the photos because they give more life to the picture.

Your blog is called, “Hey Mom, I’m alive!” What inspired that name?

I spent almost one year in Africa working as a volunteer. After three months in South Africa, I received an offer to move to another country. I packed up and left on the same day. The decision was so fast that I didn’t worry about telling my folks back home and decided that I would call them when I arrived at my destination. However, there was no phone or Internet connection where I went.

At that time, there were xenophobic attacks in South Africa and hundreds of foreigners were killed. The media did not mention the details of who was killed, only the massacre. My mother, who was in Brazil, became desperate without any news from me and only thought about the worst. After one month, I was able to call Brazil, and the very first thing I said was: “Hey mom, I’m alive!”, which is how my blog got its name.

Great, thanks Willy! We’re totally jealous of your amazing journeys. If you want to follow Willy’s adventures, you can check out his EyeEm portfolio or read his blog (although currently it’s only in Portuguese, he plans to translate it!).

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