by Niveda – on EyeEm


Ladies and Gentlemen,

we’re thrilled to announce a call for submissions in conjunction with The Mobile Photo Awards today! The MPA is a platform that’s committed to presenting the global phenomenon of mobile photography and art in galleries and exhibitions. It’s the world’s largest open gallery call and competition of its kind: and there’s one spot open for an image at the upcoming exhibition at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

To cut things short: this is a call for YOU to submit photos and get exhibited!

Your mission:

Be it the color, the fruit, the juice, the Netherlands, traffic lights, road signs, a popular drink or its deeply psychological meaning: get inspired by Orange and submit your pictures. Let your creativity run wild and show us the most diverse and unexpected perspectives that Orange may imply!

How to participate: 

Upload your images through the app, tap on the purple bubble and enter “Orange” as a tag. The tag should automatically appear in the list as soon as you started typing.

Deadline: your images must be added to the album by March 15, 2012, Midnight CET.

Prize: the jury, consisting of Dan Berman (founder of the MPA) and EyeEm, will select one image out of all submissions. This image is going to be printed and exhibited at the Mobile Photography Awards exhibition at the OCCCA from April 7 to April 28 2012.

Everything clear? We’re looking forward to your submissions!