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Bodies of Work: 16 Photos That Capture Tattoo Culture

By Maddie - 3 min read

Enjoy the artistry in these gorgeous photos of tattoos

Tattoos have long been part of many traditional cultures, and in the last century this ancient practice has also broken into Western cultures. With the mainstreaming of tattoo as art, we’ve teamed up with Bento to bring you a beautiful selection of tattooed bodies.

Congratulations to these photographers whose work will be featured on Bento, the new millennial news site of Spiegel Online.

By Irakli Abashidze 📷

By Lau

By piero migailo

By Raffaele Cavicchi

By Novella

By 36moment

By Tolga Araboğlu

By Ann-Cathrin Wirth

By Роман Алябьев

By omar jabri

By Magic three

By andrea

By andrea

By Hugo Alcoforado

By Hatem Farhat

By spysessionz

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Header photo by @OmarJabri

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