Android Version 2.0.12 is Out!

By Severin - 2 min read

We just released version 2.0.11 of our Android app. Features include Push Notifications, Advanced Autocomplete, Album Contributors and more.



Simone Viani on EyeEm

Hello Android friends,

we just released version 2.0.12 of our Android app. Get it hereand try out the following new features:

Push notifications

Get notified immediately after someone likes or comments on one of your photos or follows you.From now on you’ll also receive a notification when someone comments on a photo after you.

Advanced Autocomplete

See how many photos are already added to the albums that match your desired tag; you decidewhether you want to add your photo to an already existing album or start a new album with your photo.

Album Contributors

You can now see how many people already contributed to this album. See how many photos each user contributed to the album (ranked from top to bottom)and immediately follow the people you’re interested in.

More stuff:

  • Album feed: two new bubbles indicate recommended albums and albums you liked.
  • Endless news scrolling: you can now scroll down your news/notifications forever and keep track of all the notifications you receive over time.
  • Stability and speed: faster photo and album loading.
  • Please note: all these features will also be delivered to your iPhone soon!

    What do you think? Update to the latest versionand let us know! We’re always looking forward to your feedback.

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