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A Calculated Shot: Projecting Perfect Precision in Photography

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Find out who caught the eye of the designers at BCG in our recent photo mission, “Precision”

In our rather hectic world, there’s a certain satisfaction in that moment when things just work. There’s no shame in being a perfectionist and planning things to be accurate, precise and correct. But how can this sense of meticulousness and precision be captured in a single image? This was the challenge in the recent photo mission, Precision.

We loved the ingenuity and incredible shots that were submitted for this mission – just take a look below at this amazing image collection! We’re also delighted to congratulate Hung Lung, Helé de Beer, Chris P and Usman Ahmad, who all had their images selected, licensed and paid for by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Well done!


By Hung Lung

By Helé de Beer

By Chris P

By Usman Ahmad

Image Collection

By Ekaterina Khudyakova

By VeSilvio


By Indra Widi

By urban poetry

By a f u

By afrijal dahrin zega

By Artur

By Guido Mencari

By Güite

By Wes Martinez


By Bob Kelly

By Nanadd

By Valerio Gualandi

By Benedicta Ric

By Tim Malone

By শামীম সুষম

By lklphoto

By Chawapong Suksamai

Amazing stuff huh? We’d really recommend taking a look at the full album Precision on EyeEm. If you fancy taking part in a mission, simply check out the missions tab in the app – there’s always something for you to take part in!

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Header Image by Usman Ahmad

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