The 8 Winners of the Pantone Colors by GIZMON Mission

By Maddie - 3 min read

Our latest mission with GIZMON resulted in some pretty stunning – and colorful! – submissions. Want to know who the lucky winners are?

Our latest mission with GIZMONresulted in some pretty stunning – and colorful! – submissions. Almost 1,500 talented photographers added over 6,000 photos to the Pantone Colors by GIZMON album. The hues, tones and shades in these images are worthy of the great GIZMON gear that is up for grabs.

So who are the lucky winners?

Grand prize:@tovrist

Second place:@raset

Runners-up:@rusuanamaria, @sunflowerof21, @andyhanson, @Pixbykm, @whatwordsmiss, @JuliettasLenses

Congratulations! The grand prize winner will receive a Gizmon iCA5 iPhone 5/5s case (pictured above) and a Gizmon Smart Clip lens that can be attached to your smartphone or tablet. The second place winner will receive a Gizmon soft iCA iPhone 5 case and a Smart Clip lens. Finally, the 6 runners-up will each receive a Smart Clip lens.

Keep scrolling to see the winning photos!

Grand prize winner

Teenage girl holding table tennis racket

By tovrist

2nd place

Full frame shot of stilettos

By raset


By Hannah

Close-up of blond boy with colored tongue

By Elaine

Low section of person on running track

By Andy Hanson

By Pixbykm

High angle view of cityscape

By Yeli

High angle view of woman swimming in pool

By Julia Elisa

To see more wondrous colors and mesmerizing hues, check out the Pantone Colors by GIZMON album.

Did you miss out on this mission? Don’t worry! We have several other missions going on now. Either check the Mission tab in the app or check out the posts below to learn more.

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