October 29, 2015, London: The 2015 EyeEm Awards Finalist Exhibition makes its debut in Europe. After first being unveiled in New York at the annual EyeEm Festival in September, the 100 finalists from the world’s largest photography competition were showcased in a 5-day gallery show during Photomonth London.

An exhibition opening always bears a certain excitement. Who’s going to come? Will people like the photos on display? Do we have enough drinks? Here are Severin and I just before the opening.

Just a few minutes later the space started to fill up with people. We met old friends and new, local photographers, editors and curators, and a whole bunch of people who were simply curious to see the results of the 2015 EyeEm Awards. After all, these 100 photos from across the globe were selected out of more than 200,000 total entries this year. And seeing a photo as a real print in a physical space is always a special experience.

A big thanks again to theprintspace for producing the beautiful prints and hosting us at their amazing space. And a huge thank you to everyone who came during the opening night and the following 5 days of the gallery show! It was a true pleasure and we can’t wait to be back.

For all of you who couldn’t be there with us this time, you can see a close-up shot of each category here and get a glimpse of what the exhibition was like.

All following photos by the one and only Sam Todd.







It was really great seeing so many community members come by. Here’s Olly Lang, who was already part of the very first EyeEm exhibition in 2010, and Charlie Kwai, who co-hosted our street photography workshop at the Photographers’ Gallery in summer. Severin had a quick chat with them:











A big thanks to theprintspace and Photo Month London for hosting us, Sam Todd for taking photos and everyone for coming. See you next time!