Exactly 174 years ago today, photography was invented. On August 19 1839 the French government announced the invention of Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre as a gift “Free to the World”.

Happy birthday photography! As a little tribute, we created this video together with our community to show how much we love you:

Let’s build the world’s best photo community

When photography was invented 174 years ago it took 8 hours to take a photo. Nowadays, it’s less than a second – and in another second, it’s shared online and connected to millions of other photos, people and places.

Because of that, more people than ever have access to a photo camera. And start to fall in love with photography. Because of mobile photography we’re able to share our most precious moments with friends, family and communities that have been established all over the world. We’re living in the most exciting time of photography ever.

That’s what we’re passionate about. That’s why we’re extremely grateful that you’re on board with us. And that’s why we want to build the world’s best photo community together with you.

Ali Jardine @alijardine on EyeEm

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Photo by @miyamonchi

A camera is just a tool. You’re the one who makes it alive. Let’s create the future of photography together.

Thank you.

Your EyeEm Team


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