Life in motion by David Ortega on EyeEm

Hey friends,

last week asked you to capture the speed of life in our weekly mission Life in motion. Out of a total of 2678 photos contributed by 1321 people we’re excited to present our 25 favorites.

What’s moving here: people in the air, people on staircases, people on boats, people on snow, moving trains, moving feet, yawning workers, kids on an airplane wing… thank you everyone for contributing your view to this mission. And congrats to those who made it on the list!

Without further ado, here are our 25 favorite photos of Life in motion:

Life in motion at Canberra by Ginza on EyeEm

Life in motion at [This announcement is only for Thai people]…………ฝากประชาสัมพันธ์ @thailand_allshots

Life in motion by Cocolanis on EyeEm

Life in motion by gillian on EyeEm

Life in motion at Tuningen by Thomas Hauser on EyeEm

Life in motion in Bangkok by Hydro2Oxi1 on EyeEm

Life in motion at Swamis by Maxwell Walther on EyeEm

Life in motion in melbourne by kim. on EyeEm

Underground in City of London by Marc on EyeEm

Life in motion in Madrid by Rosa Majo on EyeEm

Life in motion by b612 on EyeEm

Life in motion at my way by Taru L-P on EyeEm

Life in motion by syintaangga on EyeEm

blackandwhite by Sarah on EyeEm

Life in motion at Plataforma das Artes e Criatividades – Guimarães ( Capital Europeia da Cultura ) by Hugo Levi on EyeEm

Life in motion in Bilbao by Ernesto Velazco on EyeEm

Life in motion by Sara on EyeEm

Life in motion by lucialexaa on EyeEm

Life in motion by Melissa Vincent @misvincent on EyeEm

bike in Riyadh by Najwa Hejazi on EyeEm

Life in motion by ☁DulceAngel✨ on EyeEm

Life in motion by Si Bennett on EyeEm 

Life in motion by Karin on EyeEm 

Running in SEVILLA by Luis Enero on EyeEm

Life in motion in Montpellier by Ïa on EyeEm