get close in Berlin by io Analoger on EyeEm

Hey friends,

last week we asked you to get close and boy, you did take that serious! Receiving a total of 1213 photos from 582 contributors, it wasn’t easy to limit our selection to just 25 of our favorite shots.

From close-up shots of mirrors, faces, hands, donkeys, pugs and ducks to abstract patterns, action shots and motion blurs, you guys covered all sorts of perspectives one could take on that topic. Thank you everyone for taking part in this mission. And congrats to those who made it on the list!

Are you ready to get close? Here are our 25 favorite photos:

get close by Perry McBride on EyeEm

get close by Ferah Celik on EyeEm

get close by Lina’stic ♡ on EyeEm

get close by Sweetmims on EyeEm

get close by cinnamontwigs on EyeEm

get close in Berga by Elisabeth Breganciano on EyeEm

TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) in City of London by a1du on EyeEm

get close at Taman Safari Indonesia by Luqman Roihan on EyeEm

get close in Stockholm by Marivo on EyeEm

get close by Micha O on EyeEm

get close at Weekly Mission by Delina Dauti on EyeEm

get close by Nadita on EyeEm

get close at magnified by Roger

get close in Oslo by Håvard Storvestre on EyeEm

get close by Tasia Marie on EyeEm

get close by Ngoki on EyeEm

get close by Eduardo on EyeEm

get close at George Street by alex on EyeEm

get close by Emanuel Cecilio on EyeEm

get close by Yuki on EyeEm

fotodroids by leannst on EyeEm

get close by Agnes Ebron on EyeEm

eye4enchanting by Carrie on EyeEm

get close by Dom on EyeEm

get close at KKR 水府病院 by Takashi_k on EyeEm