On a sunny Sunday afternoon just before Christmas, 10 mighty shooters for the first EyeEm Meetup in the centre of Lisbon, Portugal. Their mission: roaming through the city and capturing its vibrant life while taking photos together.

EyeEm Lisbon meetup at Praça Luís de Camões by Psyca on EyeEm

Here’s a recap by Vanessa aka Psyca who organized the meetup:

It was a sunny afternoon in Lisbon, the light was just perfect for the EyeEm Lisbon Meetup to take place. At first I was feeling nervous because I didn’t know if anyone was going to show up, but I had my two good friends @joker1 and @rasputinblack already with me and the light was certainly on our side.

I was excited about this group, everbody had different cameras or phones and we all had different ways and styles to shoot the mood of our beautiful and colorful city. We walked into the crowd of what seems to be a busy afternoon, next stop would be Chiado, a very historical place and street photography paradise. The smell of chestnuts surround us trough the way, I pick this path because it is the heart of Portugal, everything that is typical would be on display, giving people a sense of what this country is all about.

EyeEm Lisbon meetup in Lisbon by Psyca on EyeEm

Passing trough the streets of Chiado our next stop Terreiro do Paço, also a historical place where many kings lived. It is now one of the biggest market places in Europe, here we could finally take a breath from the crowed and talk to each other. The diversity of pictures taken until here was incredible, I was happy.

Next stop is a must see place for everybody who visits Lisbon: Alfama. I´m proud to say that I was born and lived here for the first years of my life, it´s a typical very small town in the heart of Lisbon. People are friendly, a lot of smells in the air and colors surrounding us from everywhere. Unfortunately we didn´t have the light needed to capture all that, the streets are tight and it was almost 5pm so we had to rush to see the sunset. We walked trough S.Vicente and ended up in a beautiful viewpoint in Graça.

shadow by Fernando Cruz on EyeEm

People were having coffee, singing or just cohabit and relaxing next to the perfect sunset ending in glory or first photowalk together. We relaxed until the sun went down and the cold arrived, our batteries were low and we were a bit hungry so we decided to go somewhere cosy.

It was 7pm and Fernando and Sonia had a big drive ahead so we walked them to their car. Since it´s almost Christmas on our way we decided to make a little detour to see the lights and ornements in Rossio. This is a place that never let me down, everytime I go there there’s always something stunning to see and take a shot at.

This time there was a big Christmas ball all lit up, unfortunately all batteries were at the end, mine died first. Luckily I took two shoots of that big ball. So it was dinner time and freazing cold, our baTteries diyng slowly so we said goodbye to each other, promised to make another meetup in the summer and another one in Porto, a city in the north of Portugal.

I must say I’m excited already, we really rocked the streets of Lisbon! A big shout out goes to Vitor, Ruben, Fernando, Sónia, Mônica, Amélia, Rita, David e Henrique. Thanks for showing up and making my day!

Check out the album EyeEm Lisbon Meetup for all photos and here for a list of all participants.

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EyeEm Lisbon meetup by Henrique Santos on EyeEm

streetphotography by Fernando Cruz on EyeEm

streetphotography by Fernando Cruz on EyeEm

EyeEm Lisbon meetup in Lisbon by Psyca on EyeEm

EyeEm Lisbon meetup in Lisbon by Psyca on EyeEm

EyeEm Lisbon meetup at Terreiro do Paço by Henrique Santos on EyeEm 

streetphotography by Fernando Cruz on EyeEm

EyeEm Lisbon meetup at Lisboa – Portugal by Rita Reis on EyeEm

Red by Fernando Cruz on EyeEm

EyeEm Lisbon meetup in Lisbon by Psyca on EyeEm