Life in motion in Paris by Yuki on EyeEm

Life is motion! So we thought it would be useful to share some tips & tricks on how to capture those vibrant motion blurs. Whether you’re in a car, on a bike, stuck in traffic, on a bridge or at the gym – there’s always a way to create dramatic effects with the light that surrounds you.

Why don’t you give it a go? Once you’ve mastered the techniques you’re totally ready to rock our current weekly mission, Life in motion.

Let’s get started: 

1. At the underground
The underground provides the perfect mix of atmospheric lights and moving objects. The automatic exposure settings of your phone work perfectly with the lights and colors come out great. Just stand still when the train arrives and shoot!

Life in motion by Los on EyeEm

2. From a bridge
Unlike underground stations where you have to wait for a train to arrive, bridges provide a steady flow of subjects moving in front of your lens. Go to the middle of a bridge for perfect symmetry and try out different light settings for ever-changing results.

Life in motion at taipei by AlvaroArregui on EyeEm

3. At the driveway at night
Night drives are perfect for capturing super moody & surreal photos. Just place your phone on something steady inside the car, watch the lights go by and shoot.

Life in motion in Groningen by Dennis on EyeEm

4. From the car at day
Some great action shots can also be taken during the day. Pro tip: point your lens towards the side mirror for a 3 way effect: you’ll see the blurry road, the sharp side mirror and a view of what’s behind. Try it out!

Life in motion by Nicholle Lindsay-Rodriguez on EyeEm

5. On a skateboard
You being in a static position and capturing moving things is one thing. But you moving WITH things is something totally different. Because you are moving at exactly the same speed as your skateboard (or bike, tricycle, roller skates..), your lens is able to capture it without any motion blurs – while your surrounding dissolves in beautiful stripes and streaks.

Life in motion in Lakewood by Tom Pottiger on EyeEm

6. On the ground
You don’t have to go to fancy places to capture amazing sights. Knee down, look and see what’s happening around you. So much movement! Especially if you’re at a place with artificial lights, like shopping malls, airports or at the gym, you’ll be able to capture some great motion blurs from an unusual perspective.

legs at the gym by Luca Max on EyeEm

7. At the swing ride
One of the most iconic things to photograph is the classic swing ride in theme parks. Why? Because you’ve got everything you need for a fantastic picture: colors, people, speed, screams, drama.. don’t miss out on your take of this classic subject when coming across a swing ride.

Life in motion by Marc on EyeEm

8. Shake it
Don’t wait for something to move – move yourself! Wait for the night time, search for exciting lights and shake your phone while taking the shot – the outcome will always be surprising and result in dazzling color compositions.

From My Window in City of London by Luca Max on EyeEm

9. Abstract color blurs
You sure know the moment when you want to take a shot but in the split of a second you receive a call, move and ruin the shot? Well, let’s try and take this to perfection. As soon as you press the camera button you turn the phone 180 degrees, turn around our point it somewhere else. The resulting color blurs are as abstract as it can get.

blurry in Sydney by Matt Balara on EyeEm

10. Use your flash!
Surrounding light is great but sometimes it’s good to get a little help from your friend. Especially when things are moving in super high speed (like snowflakes, rain, confetti) it makes sense to use the flash – the subjects won’t be “frozen” but rather captured as they speed through time & space.

Life in motion in Berlin by Junic on EyeEm

Got any other tips for capturing those motion blurs? Let us know in the comments below!