The photos of Roger Clay never cease to amaze us. A master of candids, documenting the human condition in downtown Los Angeles, we’ve asked Roger for a round up of his recent work and musings.

streetphotography in Los Angeles by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Hello everyone, my name is Roger Clay and the good folks at EyeEm asked me to write a piece about my recent work. Lately I have been fascinated with candid street portraits of everyday folks. I was drawn to this type of photography due to its realism and depth which brings you close to a subject and shows them at that very moment without a pose or trying not to violate their space .

The titles that I give each image are initially associated with what drew my attention to that specific person or image before taking the photo. I really have had fun and at times and even have surprised myself while documenting the human condition this way. I hope you enjoy this short but very candid journey through downtown Los Angeles .

Posting bail by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Metro Man… This image started the whole candid thing for me. I saw this man almost a block away intently waiting for his bus. This is one of my favorites to date.

streetphotography by Roger Clay on EyeEm

The Amazing … It was 90 degrees in downtown on this day and I wandered to myself, how amazing is it that she can wear such a heavy coat in such hot weather. And not to mention the Spider Man bag.

streetphotography by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Morning Cup… I have seen this man many times before with his morning cup of coffee and grey beard and on this morning he was in the right place for me to take a shot.

streetphotography by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Spinning Thoughts… Another man waiting for his bus. I have found that places where people are in waiting are some of the best places to capture candid photos.

taken in Los Angeles by Roger Clay on EyeEm

YIPPEE… This woman with the up most look of excitement on her face and the Yippee sign placed in the window next to he her. Oh life has its contrasts in so many beautiful ways.

streetphotography by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Temporary Sunglasses… In this shot its all about the glasses.

streetphotography at 5th/broadway Southbound MTA Bus Stop by Roger Clay on EyeEm

LA Lady… Older woman waiting to cross the street there was something about her that I just wanted to take her photo.

streetphotography by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Concerned Stranger… Not sure what this man was thinking. But I do remember looking around after taking this image as if there was something about to happen or maybe it already did and I just missed it.

Life ain’t “Half” bad . by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Life aint half bad… When I saw little man he looked so sad. I said to him “good morning” and he he just ignored me. Somethings I guess we will never know.

streetphotography by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Random displays of laughter … Making yourself laugh.  What an awesome gift to give to ones self.