Your Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays. Enjoy!

flowers by Heike on EyeEm


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Awesome photos the week

kisses at The Berlin Wall by kickin on EyeEm

iPhoneography in Peterborough by Lee Thatcher on EyeEm

Hanging out in Tokyo by AKR on EyeEm

Taking Photos at landscape by David Pádua on EyeEm

blackandwhite by Najii66 on EyeEm

landscape by Monica Alba on EyeEm

blackandwhite at new york city by Dutch Doscher on EyeEm

TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) at Uniqlo by Brian Podolsky on EyeEm

flying a kite at Tempelhofer Park by Severin on EyeEm

streetphotography by Javier on EyeEm

Japan in Ueda by Tetsuya Shimoyama on EyeEm


blackandwhite in Zagreb – Centar by Darko on EyeEm

streetphotography in Tokyo by Takeshi on EyeEm

People watching by Lolo Jkt on EyeEm

Tokyo in Tokyo by underflo on EyeEm

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