Welcome to “What’s in my bag”, an ongoing series exploring the secret gadgets of some of our most talented community members. Today we have Muhammad Farhan from Singapore show us what’s inside his bag.

From the desk of Muhammad Farhan:

Actually i just bought this bag ..hehe. I had a Deuter trans alpine 30, buts it’s too rigid and large to carry around. So I bought this bag, the Timbuk2 Amnesia. It’s the perfect size for me, just enough room for my laptop and a few other stuff.

I’ts comfortable to carry and walk and explore places in Singapore and across the causeway, usually to Johore Bahru for food and shisha and fun. Here’s what’s inside my bag:

  • Nalgene water bottle
  • Fed 5c analouge camera
  • Fim rolls/canister
  • Lens cleaning paper/micro fiber cloth
  • Disposable raincoat
  • Wet/dry tissue
  • Medicated oil
  • Floss
  • Pens/pencils
  • HTC one x
  • Portable batt sony/cable
  • Mbanking
  • Android photography book
  • Macbook pro/adaptor
  • Shades
  • HTC earpiece
  • Mobile data usb
  • Red coins bag
  • 2 x wallet( Singapore dollars and Malaysian ringgit)
  • Passport
  • Key pouch

Thanks for sharing, Muhammad!