kisses by Lieuwe on EyeEm

Hands down,

this was one of our favorite missions so far. 184 people from 28 different countries and 85 different cities took part in it, contributing more than 300 photos from 110 venues all over the world to Kisses. You guys keep blowing our minds!

Together with our friends from Proud magazine we’ve selected our 25 favorite photos. An honorable mention goes out to Clay Benskin from New York City who produced a stunning series of shots over the past week. Right now the team of Proud Magazine is putting together the double page of shots from the album – we’ll announce the final list of who’s published in early December.

Til then enjoy these 25 selected shots from the amazing Kisses album:

kisses by Kaaren on EyeEm

kisses at Nathan’s Famous by Clay Benskin on EyeEm

kisses at The Berlin Wall by kickin on EyeEm

kisses by io Analoger on EyeEm

kisses in Roma by Valentina on EyeEm

kisses at KNSM – Eiland by Filothei on EyeEm

kisses at Corso Buenos Aires by BlackHoleSun on EyeEm

kisses at Schloss Babelsberg by nora on EyeEm

kisses at Piazza Ponterosso by Raffaele Cavicchi on EyeEm

kisses in Reno by Eddy Cameron on EyeEm

kisses at my love by noriko on EyeEm

kisses at villach by Alessbix on EyeEm

kisses in Milan by Tenebrogg on EyeEm

kisses at Big Island of Hawaii by Elissa Yamagata on EyeEm

kisses at W33 by Dino van Saurier on EyeEm

kisses in Barcelona by Andrés De León on EyeEm

kisses at ELJ Building by Giancarlo Batac on EyeEm

kisses at Home… by Svetlana on EyeEm

kisses in Padova by Giovanni on EyeEm

kisses by Emily Villatoro on EyeEm

kisses in London by Chris Prakoso on EyeEm

kisses at RENFE Aeroport by sevillacreativa on EyeEm

kisses at Rockford Memorial Hospital – Labor & Delivery by Joseph N on EyeEm

kisses in Amsterdam by Filothei on EyeEm