Hanging out at セブンイレブン 平塚虹ケ浜店 by 絵梨花 渡辺 on EyeEm


You can now see EyeEm photos directly on Twitter! Share your own photo, someone else’s photo, an album or a profile and you’ll see it directly in your Twitter feed. This is how it looks like:

You can use that feature in the following way:

  1. Share your own photo to Twitter
    (just tap on the Twitter button at the upload screen)
  2. Share someone else’s photo to Twitter
    (just tap on the “Share” button on the bottom left corner [iPhone] or right corner [Android] at the photo view)
  3. Share an album or someone’s profile to Twitter
    (just tap on the “Share” button on the top right corner at the album view)

Looking forward to see your photos!