Gravity by Jérôme Kerneïs on EyeEm

Hey friends,

today opens Mobile Photo Paris, the first large exhibition of mobile photography in Paris at the Bastille Design Center. Taking place from November 21 to November 25, 18 photographers will exhibit over a hundred photos.

This will be the first major exhibition in Paris to highlight the myriad features and limitless possibilities of mobile photography. The space in which the works will be exhibited looks pretty awesome (see below).

Organized by Mobile Photo Paris, a group of photographers comprising French people and Francophiles, the 4 day exhibition also involves a daily programme including workshops, lectures and presentations.

We’re very excited about this and proud that some of our earliest members (some of whom were already part of the very first EyeEm exhibition back in 2010) are part of this. The 18 participating photographers are the following:

  • Nadine Bénichou
  • Eric Chauvet
  • Julien Damoiseau
  • Stéphanie Dupont
  • Philippe Durand Gerzaguet
  • Catriona Donagh
  • Cécile Edelist
  • Nettie Edwards
  • Lénaïc Entremont
  • Jérôme Kerneis
  • Pierre Le Govic
  • Loïc Le Rumeur
  • Amy Leibrand
  • Jean-Christophe Polgár
  • Stéphane Mahé
  • Gilles Saulnier
  • Elena Shmagrinskaya
  • Sébastien Vixac

The vernissage of Mobile Photo Paris starts tonight at 6 and the exhibition runs until November 25. Have fun guys! Here’s a selection of shots that are going to be shown:

Sébastien Vixac

Stephanie Dupont

Stéphane Mahé

Pierre Le Govic

Philippe Durand

Nettie Edwards

Nadine Benichou

Loic le Rumeur

Lénaic Entremont

Julien Damoiseau

Jean-Christophe Polgar


Gilles Saulnier

Eric Chauvet

Elena Shmagrinskaya

Catriona Donagh

Amy Leibrand