*** UPDATE ***

The winners of the raffle have been announced! The following people will get a free pass to Campus Party and are more than welcome to join us for our 8 hours photo hackathon and The EyeEm Challenge workshop. Congrats & see you there!

Carlos Pacilio
Marcus Büschleb
Leanne Pittsford
Uwa Scholz
Maja Komel
Jakob Limmer
Kießling Sebastian
Marius Hepp
Inden Marius
Sebastian Nadorp
paskhalis dinto kefie paskhal
Klasien van de Zandschulp
Dustin Dzialas
Y.C. “Yuna” Cho
Simon Fuchs
Romy Beesemann
Daniel Rubzoff
Zlatina Dimitrova
Marco Werner


Hey friends,

we’re giving away VIP tickets + raffling off 20 tickets for the world’s biggest techfest, Campus Party Europe!

Taking place in the week of 21st to 26th August at the huge area of former airport Tempelhof, Berlin, Campus Party Europe will bring together 10.000 participants for a week full of creativity, hacking, gaming and knowledge exchange.

We’ll be hosting 2 workshops thereand our friends Bénedicte Guillon and Kalel Koven from Paris will also be talking about mobile street photography. We’re sure it’s gonna be a mind-blowing event, and that’s why we want YOU to join us there!


That’s where it’s gonna be. Awesome!