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@Everyone: Let’s have a chat

You asked for it, we listened: @mentions are here! This brand new functionality in our app allows you to address people directly in your comments. Just type @username and the person you’re talking to gets a notification and can answer immediately.

The feature is available as of now with the latest updates for iPhone (v.2.6.4) and Android (v.2.4.01). The updates are free (as always), so get ’em while they’re hot:



1. Address one or more people directly in a comment

2. Loop someone into the conversation who hasn’t been part of it yet

3. Get notifications when someone mentions you in a comment

The autocomplete function makes it really easy to address anyone in any comment, even if you don’t know their username. Just start typing @ in a comment and the app will suggest you all the users that already commented on that pic. Type @ and the first letters of a username and the app will suggest you all of the people you follow with these letters in their names.



Just try it out yourself! We hope you like the update and have good talks on EyeEm. For any feedback, thoughts and ideas just get in touch with us!

With ♥ from Berlin,

Your EyeEm Team