Jumping into the new year by Aik Beng Chia on EyeEm


UPDATE: The competition is extended until Monday, 25th of June. Everyone from everywhere in the world can participate and chances are pretty good that your image will be part of the exhibition at MLOVE. The exact deadline is 9AM CEST, June 25!


Exciting news guys!

For this weekly mission we team up with MLOVE, the world’s leading innovation festival for everything mobile, to bring you Mobile Love: a week long competition, resulting in fantastic prizes and a kick-ass photo exhibition at the festival!


The prizes:

1. A ticket to MLOVE, worth 1.500,- Euros. The festival is an invite-only event and will take place from June 27-29 near Berlin, Germany.

2. The freshly released, awesomely jawbreaking Nokia Lumia 900*, worth 500,- Euros.

3. Get exhibited at the conference!


Your mission: 

Capture what Mobile Love means to you. This can be everything from being mobile, commuting to work, biking, hiking, riding a train, capturing motion blurs, being on the road, skyping with your far away friend in the Okawango Delta or shooting people on their phones. There are no limits really – all you need is to be creative and explore the many facets of mobile love.


How to participate:

Shoot outside the box and tag your photos with Mobile Love. Don’t forget to add the location so we know where the photo was taken!



Winners announced on Monday, 25th of June 2012.



EyeEm in Long Beach by Joel Quizon on EyeEm

Love by Laura Slotemaker on EyeEm


* the Nokia Lumia 900 prize may change to another Nokia phone in the same price and quality range. Either way, the prize is a kickass Nokia phone.