Hey guys,

we just released EyeEm 2.6.2 for iPhone! It includes a couple of bugfixes, performance improvements, makes it easier to create venues and has a new, practically magic ability to suggest you tags that relate to the location you’re sharing your photo from.


Look at the picture above: you take a photo at Civilist Berlin, a nice boutique, and the app automagically suggests you tags of what you might be doing there. Later on you’re having lunch at the Ramen place around the corner and – lo and behold – EyeEm knows you’re most probably slurping noodles at the moment.




Those are only two examples, but there are many more surprises waiting. From college dorms to caribbean restaurants, fire up the app and see what’s in stash for you. Or to say it with Forrest Gump:

Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Have fun, and let us know what you think!