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16 Shots of Summer to Brighten Your Day

By Maddie - 3 min read

Don’t miss these gorgeous images from our mission with Photos.com

With the weather cooling down in the northern hemisphere, many of us are nostalgic for those sunny summer times – long days, warm nights and the breeze on our skin. The Essence of Summer Mission with Photos.com visualized that sultry feeling – and your photos did not disappoint!

The winners of this Mission will each receive a framed print of their image. Finalists will be featured in an image collection on Photos.com, which you can see here. Congratulations! And scroll down to see all the shots.


Close-up of parasol against boats on sea

By Alexandre Levrai

Low angle view of red striped ferris wheel against sky

By Gryllus Minimus

Low angle view of lifeguard ring on railing against sky

By zuzi

Directly above view of yellow flowers in vase on table

By Michael Moeller

High angle view of stainless steel ladder in swimming pool

By Poppy

High angle view of people driving speedboat in ocean

By Noam


Scenic view of beach

By Jonny Hayes

Man wakeboarding at sunset

By Marc Sader

Scenic view of mattress on beach against cloudy sky

By Anna Bassi

High angle view of man splashing water in pool at aqua paradise ltd water park

By Andrei Bortnikau

Tent amidst plants against trees in forest during foggy weather

By Szabo Ervin-Edward

Close-up of crab on log at beach

By Nalinne Jones

Close-up of floral dress

By Giovi G

Full frame shot of umbrellas against sky

By Mónica Durán

Shadow of person in illuminated tent at lakeshore during sunset

By Erik Einarsen Sellæg

Flowers in glasses on table at sidewalk cafe

By André Dogbey

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