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14 Football Pictures to Champion Your Creative Campaign

By Cherrie - 3 min read

Soccer shots to bring your football-themed editorial & commercial projects to life

Looking for football pictures that’ll get people talking? Our library of soccer shots are set to transform your marketing, branding and editorial projects. From the energy of the crowd and athletes in action to the stadium atmosphere as the game reaches fever pitch, our community’s captivating football pics will help you communicate your visual messages and up audience engagement.

Photographers are out on pitches and in parks around the world, camera in hand, capturing the magic and poetry of the beautiful game. And they’re licensing the results on EyeEm Market. Take a look at some of our favorites!

These top-scoring football pictures are available to license today:

Low angle view of soccer balls hanging from rope against sky

By Silvia

High angle view of soccer player playing on field

By Audrey Kwok

Spectators standing by railing on playing field

By Sebastian Arning

Low angle view of people at soccer stadium by mountains against sky

By b r o o nyc o

Spectator with indonesian flag at soccer stadium

By Banar Fil Ardhi

Silhouette man playing with soccer ball against sky during sunset

By jens verhoeven

real people

By Amanda


By Kriss Smith

real people


Low section of soccer players standing on grassy field

By Marlena

Man kicking ball

By Rick Hutton

Low angle view of apartment buildings

By bazza

Crowds on street

By Azran Farouq

Low angle view of building with large soccer ball hanging in net

By Jen Pollack Bianco

The football pictures above are available to license.

Football pictures are in high demand on this summer – and there’s plenty more where these came from! See more of what the EyeEm community has to offer and snap up a football photo for your project today:

Looking for the one photo to bring your story to life? Find fresh and authentic photography in our curated football image collections or get in touch with our Creative Services team for a free curation.

Header image by@avdrvyk.

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