10 Places To See (and Photograph) Before You Die

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Jen Pollack Bianco is a photographer and travel blogger from Los Angeles. Having visited more than 77 countries so far (and counting!), we’re thrilled to present her ultimate list of 10 destinations you should definitely not miss.

Jen Pollack Bianco is a photographer and travel blogger from Los Angeles. Having visited more than 77 countries so far (and counting!), we’re thrilled to present her ultimate list of 10 destinations you should definitely not miss.

Low section of people on boat against mountains and clear sky

25 Days of Summer at Capri by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

I’m a travel photographer so I am often asked, “What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?” I feel I’m disappointing people by not having a single answer, but I have a lot of favorite places.

I also don’t have a bucket list– because like most travelers, the more places I see, the more places I want to see… so my list is endless. But if I had to pick 10 places to see (and photograph) before you die, here’s my list:

Red flower blooming against sea and cloudy sky

on the road at Le Sirenuse Hotel by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Positano, Italy

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s greatest road trips, and Positano is it’s crown jewel. From the pastel buildings perched on the rocky coast down to yachts dotting the sea, it’s glamorous and in-your-face.

I shot this image of bougainvillea and the signature blue of the Mediterranean sea from one the balconies of Le Sirenuse hotel, where John Steinbeck stayed when he wrote about Positano, “it is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” Steinbeck nailed it.

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Namibia by Arvid Schneider on EyeEm


Southern Africa has no shortage of natural beauty and amazing cultures worth visiting. But it’s the vibrant desert sands and the star-filled skies that make sparsely populated Namibia the most memorable.

I love this hauntingly beautiful image of trees in the Namib desert– it captures so well the almost other worldly beauty of the place and the ecosystem that thrives there.

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View of construction site with bridge over sea in background

EyeEm Sydney Meetup at Sydney Opera House by Alexander Kesselaar on EyeEm

Sydney, Australia

I have a weakness for pretty cities on the water, and Sydney’s iconic Opera House and gorgeous Harbour Bridge get me every time. It’s the supermodel of cities.

I particularly love how this image by SydneyEyeEm Ambassador Alexander Kesselaar captures a little bit of vulnerability in the mighty man made structures along the Sydney waterfront.

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on the road in Heliopolis by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

The Great Pyramids Giza, Egypt

Of all the world’s wonders, it’s the Great Pyramids of Giza that I’ve found most exceeds the hype. I’ve been lucky enough to visit them twice, and I hope to see them again someday.

While I can’t recommend travel to Egypt if the State Department advises against it (and that is touchy during the current revolution), I like to visit virtually by following EyeEm Cairo Ambassador Keith Lane‘s feed.

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Street Art

Habana by Alberto Rosales on EyeEm

Old Havana, Cuba

The pristine pre-embargo classic cars along Malecón can convince you’re in the 1950s, especially if you’ve had one too many mojitos. But there is a lot of beauty to be found in the decaying buildings in Old Havana.

The culture is vibrant and Habeneros aren’t exactly camera shy. It’s an absolute dream destination for any photographer and traveler.

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Nature at Glacier National Park by Scott on EyeEm

Glacier National Park, Montana

Montana is a gorgeous state. Sunsets in Montana look (and photograph) like oil paintings. I love this image of a mountain goat in Glacier because its furry awkwardness makes the stunning backdrop seem less serious.

It reminds me of the laid back vibe I get from Montana– it knows it’s gorgeous, but it doesn’t rely on that. It wants you to know it’s got character too.

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at Cataratas del Iguazú by Juan Serruya on EyeEm

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls is simply breathtaking. The waterfall makes an unforgettable impression from the second you first hear the mighty roar of the Devil’s Throat cataract. Butterflies and rainbows abound, making Iguazu Falls a bit magical– I wouldn’t be surprised if you came across a unicorn here.

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Empire State

Empire State Building at New York City by Dutch Doscher on EyeEm

New York City, USA

Dutch Doscher’s night shot of the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (and booze) nails the gritty beauty and big dreams of this inspirational city. If you can, you need to see NYC for yourself at least once.

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heritage in Siĕmréab by Sena on EyeEm

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I have a deep love for Southeast Asia in general and the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat specifically. It’s got monks in saffron robes, elephants, and temples like Ta Prohm that are overgrown with jungle that make you feel like Indiana Jones.

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Silhouette stilt structures and boats at peaceful sea

Sick View by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

French Polynesia

It would be a shame for anyone to say on his or her deathbed, “I can’t believe I never slept in an overwater bungalow in the South Pacific.” The islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora excel at overwater bungalows and tropical drinks served in coconuts. It’s pure island paradise.

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Which place in the world would you like to go most? Share your dream destination in the comments below!

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