10 Divine Morning Meals: From Breakfast Bowls to Fruity Smoothies

By Madeline - 3 min read

A yummy photo gallery for the breakfast lover in every single one of us.

Breakfast is served, in all its thousands of delicious, crunchy, juicy forms. Hungry? You may want to look away now!

There’s a whole lot of truth in the claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give you the energy and focus to power on through to lunch, but it’s oh-so photogenic too. Photographers on EyeEm are capturing a spectacular variety of breakfasts from all four corners of the world. So let’s make a toast to fruit salads, breakfast bowls and pancake parties!

Work up an appetite with these 10 tasty breakfast photos:

Sydney, Australia: By Nic Gossage

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France: By Anna

Malmö, Sweden: By Sussi

By pinchyminchy

By Francism d’Saint

Pforzheim, Germany: By Ayla

By Alesha Marie

By Michael Moeller

By Vakarėja

Stuttgart, Germany: By yinyin

These photos are the winners of the MyFavorite Breakfast Moment Mission we ran with our breakfast buddies mymuesli. The winning pictures will soon star in a feature on the mymuesliblog, Facebook and Instagram pages! And beautiful breakfast packages are on their way to all 10 photographers…

About mymuesli: mymuesli is the first company globally to offer customized muesli from more than 80 ingredients. Whether bircher muesli, chocolate muesli or diet muesli – with 566 quadrillion possible mixes there’s something for everyone. Certified organic and without additives.

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Header image by@pinchyminchy.

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