The Street Photographer

The Street Photographer

Street Photography can capture the living reflections of the individuals shaping our cities. Transforming everyday routines into captivating visual stories through an eye for detail and split second reactions. Whether it be moments of contemplation, exploration or vibrant contrasts, The Street Photographer is an opportunity for skillful pursuit of stories shaping our urban narratives. Absorbing the unexpected, unconventional and humorous moments of life that catch your eye.

Aron Shakeri

Gear: Canon 60D. 18-135
Location: Rishikesh, India

Two weeks in India is a glimpse, but it did give me quite a few perspectives on how people live. Of these people, the women in particular caught my eye. You can find them doing all these things that look bizarre to us. I happen to see many of them carrying baskets and other things on their heads. I saw this woman coming up the street with a giant pile of some fort of plant on her head, I could not see her face. I managed to get my camera out take a couple of shots. I don't think she ever saw or heard me taking her photo.

Guido Caltabiano

Gear: Canon 5d Mk IV
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

The photo was taken at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem during the Jewish Sabbath. At sunset, the Jaffa Gate bustles with tourists, merchants and believers of all religions. The two Orthodox Jewish men portrayed, probably coming from the Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, walk quickly towards the Wailing Wall for the end-of-Shabbat prayer.

Johan Jehlbo

Gear: Fujifilm X100F
Location: Kivik, Sweden

This was taken at Kiviks Market in 2018. I have been working on a project documenting the fairs and markets in southern Sweden since 2014.

Lenny Ruiz

Gear: Sony Alpha A7iii
Location: Metro de Caracas, Venezuela

This is a stressful moment during a "normal" day in Metro de Caracas, Venezuela. Crowded carts and no air conditioning makes it very hard.

Modernfilms Oam

Gear: Canon EOS6D
Location: Yangonbauk, Malaysia

Andrey Glazkov

Gear: Leica m10, 35mm
Location: Old Havana, Cuba

Kids were playing on streets of Havana, Cuba. Old Havana. This girl was chasing her friend. Full of energy and dedication to catch her friend, she was running out of the shadow into the light and my camera.

Md Enamul Kabir

Gear: Sony ILCE-7M3
Location: Varanasi, India

I was walking the river side of Ganges in Varanasi one morning. From below I saw this chicken and started following him. It was moving and I was waiting for the perfect moment. Out of 25 shots, I got the right one on 18th. This is part of my larger series 'COEXISTENCE'

Gaile Juknyte

Gear: Canon 5D mark IV 16-35mm 2.8
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Traveling around Japan and soaking in its unique, fast paced rhythm. We happened to be on a JR line, traveling to Shinjuku. Once we entered the train, we were surprised how focused, quiet and distant everyone was traveling to their homes at the busiest time of the day. This perfectly reflected a very intense city lifestyle which I decided to paint with a little splash of color in the middle of the grays and blacks.

Alexander Zalokar

Gear: Sony Alpha A7R3 / Sony 85mm f1.4 GM
Location: Vienna, Austria

I love to shoot when it is raining in my hometown in Vienna. People are more focused and introverted. This catch was made close to a big subway station where many people are passing by, which gives more opportunities to shoot. I am always looking for certain characters and emotions.

Nei Cruz

Gear: iPhone XS Max
Location: The Joice Theater, Chelsea, New York, NY, USA

This photo was taken at the Joice Theater in my neighborhood of Chelsea. This was a total 'street photography' moment: unplanned. A man underneath a woman’s skirt, changing the marquee of the theatre. I believe they’re both dancers for that company.

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