The Street Photographer

The Street Photographer

The true character of an urban environment can be found in the arteries and veins that flow traffic and people around a city’s beating heart – its streets. The Street Photographer invites you to share your perspective on the world’s everyday life and society. Urban streets can be a hive of energy, or a quiet place for an individual to contemplate. Capture a candid snippet in time that conveys a story, showing us your visions of life on the streets from around the globe.

Rene B. Bernal

Gear: Canon 60D
Location: San Dionisio, Parañaque City, Philippines

I was amazed to see these children who were playing on a dumpsite in the middle of Paranaque City. They were totally oblivious to the hazards of their recreation. Indeed, a poignant reminder of how these children are able to find ways to enjoy their childhood even in the most distressing environments like this.

Erik Sellgren

Gear: Sony Alpha 7RII
Location: Kyoto, Japan

I was wandering around Kyoto with no specific goal other than capturing street life that I encountered. An older man appeared in front of me on a zebra crossing and simply started doing some exercises to stretch his arms. It happened so quickly but I managed to snap a photo. Shortly after, a group of school kids ran across the street. I like the photo because it is a snapshot of Japan. The street is clean, the obligatory colour-popping vending machine is there and a man does random exercises in the middle of the street, which adds a quirky element.

Denis Duhovnik

Gear: Canon 70D
Location: Moscow, Russia

This photo was taken in the city of Moscow on the holiday dedicated to the city. It was a great day to look for a photo frame.

Luca Paccusse

Gear: Fujifilm XE1
Location: Zadar, Croatia

I was in the Old City of Zadar at the end of the day. The sun was setting and the shadows of passers-by were projected on the walls of the buildings overlooking the sea. I saw a couple holding hands and I captured only their shadows. A romantic and essential moment.

Renato Gasperini

Gear: Sony RX100M2
Location: At the Ancient Port, Ancona, Italy

It was August around 1pm and it was very hot, and there was a lot of silence around. Suddenly I saw that man. I think it was a truck driver waiting to leave.
I was struck by the contrast of the color of the water with the ancient wall and the new asphalt and all the things in order, and that man that I felt was in heaven, with the water rising slowly on the platform, to bathe his body.

Sergiy Gumenyuk

Gear: Fujifilm X-T2
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

I live in a small city in Ukraine, and every time I travel to big cities, I enjoy their rhythm and dynamics. In this I find aesthetic pleasure and try to show it in my photos. The journey to Copenhagen was no exception. We sailed on a sightseeing boat along the canal and at that moment the rain began. Everyone was given a red raincoat, which is what you see in the photo.

Stijn Doors (Reginar)

Gear: Olympus EM-5 M-II
Location: In front of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

I was chilling on a bench in front of the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) after my visit to the gallery, reflecting on certain pieces I just passed by.  My first priority that day was to get some inspiration and feed my creativity, not really to make new photos. But then I noticed this awesome piece in the middle of the square in front of the museum. It's kind of a mirror tile box, so I couldn't hold myself back. After taking some shots of people walking by (still from the bench) and not being super satisfied yet, I noticed this little girl running up to the block from the corner of my eye.


Gear: iPhone 6s
Location: Varėna, Lithuania

This photo shows us how people lived in the past and how we live today. It’s like two different worlds in the same time.

Luis Martinez Faneca

Gear: Canon EOS 1100D
Location: Dublin, Ireland

When I took this, I was surprised at the modernization or change that had occurred, from a fairly traditional society to a more modern, open and European society.
The photo tries to convey this fact and the balance between the cultural tradition and the modernity of the country.
With the range of color and contrast I want to represent the colors of Ireland. The green would represent the clovers and earth tones, the soil of the island.

Samart Imkham

Gear: Nikon Coolpix L31
Location: Buathong Keha Market, Bangbuathong District, Nonthaburi

The man in this photo is a pork shop owner. When I shot this photo that day, it was 5am and the shop was just opening. That morning I took several photos in many places around the locale. Until I ended up at his shop and asked his permission to take some pictures. The pork shop owner allowed me but I asked him not to pose for me. And that's all there is. I don't want to judge his expression. I want this picture to express its own meaning. My guess is, he is proud and happy with his work and his life.

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