The Still Life Photographer

The Still Life Photographer

How do you bring life to your favorite things? True inspiration is evoked in an artistic mind when you possess complete control over the objects that interest you, their composition and lighting. Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, giving you full control over arrangement of design elements and use of props. Because you directly influence the creation process, we want to see still life images that reflect your true creativity and artistic style as a photographer.

Seung Rok Baek

Gear: Canon 5D MarkIV
Location: Waterloo, Sydney

When creating our series we wanted to show the contrast between unsuspecting object combinations posing in a humanly way. It was about seeing one object interacting with another object that it wouldn’t usually interact with and often with a human characteristic. A fire extinguisher and a phone, an orange trying to fit into a bottle, a tea cup with a plastic bag scrunched into it and a jug housing a necklace with a slice of orange on top are all uncommon interactions between uncommon pairings. That is why it captures the eye and makes you think about what you’re looking at, perhaps even admire it.

We chose the colors of the background for this exact same reason. Green has an earthly and soothing nature while the red poses alarm, danger and tension. However, when we used them together for this series, you feel neither calm nor tension. Together they took on a life of their own and worked together in harmony. This is what we tried to create with all of our object pairings.

Ana Vallejo

Gear: Fujifilm X100F
Location: San German, an illegal settlement in the South Eastern border of Bogotá

This photo is part of a project called "Entrenubes" ("between the clouds" in Spanish). It takes place in a slum called San German which lies on the outskirts of the Colombian capital of Bogotá. The project follows the lives of its inhabitants: victims of Colombia's armed conflict, ex-guerilla members, single mothers, indigenous and afro communities - communities that form a microcosm of Colombia’s complicated story, its hope and its tragedy.

The community doesn’t trust the authorities. In September 2016 more than 200 police officers raided San German in an attempt to finally evict the community. Six people were arrested, accused of being bosses of a local band of “Tierreros” (land pirates), but they were released that same day for lack of evidence. Violence is a constant in San German, and it's often the way in which people resolve disputes. However, in between the chaos and struggle, there is also a harmony to the community; people are proud to have a piece of land and a place to call home.

Frank Jackson

Gear: Sony A7R III
Location: Vine Street near Hollywood Blvd, Old Hollywood

I was having a coffee in Hollywood and watched these two friends have a coffee together, when I saw how the light was on their hands I had to photograph is all about the light.  Since 1989 I have been photographing the community of people and coffee, and at times the empty coffee cups left behind. In 2001 I started photographing a coffee cup I take with me on my travels. I designed and produced a book titled "DoubleShot."

System of Culture

Gear: Canon 5Ds
Location: In a tiny old Japanese house in Tokyo, Japan.

"I can save myself at last."

This photo was taken in Tokyo, in an old Japanese house occupied by a single woman. She has lived abroad for several years, and these small objects are all found commodities of hers. The composition was made on the spot with what was available there.

By placing them correctly it builds an inevitable relationship between the objects and creates meaningful existence as a whole within the frame. The final placement and spaces achieved in this work was an experiment in itself. It is, in all, an experimental work on the subtleties of balance as an aesthetic.

Yana Vasilyeva

Gear: Nikon D750
Location: The dining room in my parent's house

The work is a part of the series "Defragmentation." In a kaleidoscope of scattered facts and pieces of information – pause for a moment. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Stop the internal dialogue, transforming the swamp of uncertainty into the solid ground through quiescence and inner silence to self-understanding and introspection. Fragmented consciousness is extremely conducive to all sorts of manipulations, isn't it? The thought process is oppressed by stimuli, constantly changing one another, demanding the compressed and easily digestible "food." Perform the optimization. Socium. . . authority. . . enlightenment. . . relations. . . family. . .  stability. . . overcoming. . . development. . . balance. . . protest. . . block. . . time. . .  composure. . . regime. . . position. . .  Mixed and torn into pieces of thoughts, aspirations, memories, experience and knowledge – the living tissue of memory, creates a coherent picture. Organize the database. Restart. You are more resistant to external stimuli and clearly follow your goals. You're starting to hear yourself.

Mohit Vijh

Gear: Canon 5d Mark III
Location: New Delhi, India

This photograph is from my series "Everyday Objects" which is inspired by the objectification of women in the patriarchal society that we live in. Humanity is what distinguishes humans from inanimate objects. There’s isn’t any such thing like ‘male objectification,’  as the word only exists for women who respond to societal pressures in a certain way. So through my photographs I have altered the two roles and delineated men as common commodities. Its inspired from a perspective of an independent and strong women and is a rebound of a practice with the complete submission of supremacy.

Monica Dubinkaite

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III
Location: Moscow, Russia

In my still life work I am able to go into almost pure abstraction. I always try to avoid the physical function of objects, transforming them into a unique composition of color, texture and shape.


Gear: Canon 70D
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Lauren Guimaraes

Gear: Nikon D3200
Location: Ilhabela, Brazil

This photo was taken on high summer, beginning of January 2018, in an island called Ilhabela (which in english means “Beautiful Island”). It’s a very popular city in southeast of Brazil and usually, at that time of the year, it’s streets would be crowded. It intrigued me they were not. Maybe the financial crisis the country is experiencing for some time now, had something to do with it. Somehow I thought this image reflected the spirit of that afternoon in the town: abandoned, uncertain and waiting. The harsh sun, always inviting and motivating tourists to come inside the bar for drinks and ice-cream, seems harder and unforgiving with no one there.

Raquel Pellicano

Gear: Canon 5D Mark II
Location: Alagoas, Brazil

This is a series I'm working on called "Belongings", which is based on the subjective belief in a common origin that unites different individuals.

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