The Minimalist

The Minimalist

Understanding the critical principle that at times less is more is the backbone of creativity. The Minimalist is about refocusing your lens onto the details that will speak for themselves. Bringing still objects to life is achieved by highlighting key visual elements without compromising on the narrative. Experimenting with composition, lighting, colors and shadows to redefine visual minimalism. How can you use less to say more?

Alina Potapenko

Gear: Sony Alpha 6300
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

I did a shoot for my friends and we got a bunch of weird objects. So mushrooms happened to match the chair pretty well.

Altan Can

Gear: Fujifilm xt3
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Stronger than a flower. This editorial was inspried by a girl who is stronger than a flower.

Photographer and stylist’s goal was to showcase an image of about how a woman blossoms into a warrior in nature with paint in her eyes.

Dimitris Michailidis

Gear: Fujifilm XT10
Location: Thessaloniki Concert Hall, in Greece

Minimalism is a way of life. It's a way of thinking. I love being able to create emotions through minimalist photography. It is more challenging, but when I do it I feel that I have achieved my goal. In my photo, the human body with its attitude and stance integrates with its environment. It becomes one with it and manages to find the time to isolate itself, to become invisible. It is its moment.

George Kroustallis aka Minorstep

Gear: Sony a7riii
Location: Berlin, Germany

Hourglass: A concept about time and its perception.

What is it that happens between two glances? What exactly happens in the midst of infinite emptiness that encompasses everything? If the findings of physics contribute only marginally to the definite understanding of the world, we are left to question a realm only somewhat comprehensible by our limited human senses.

Katerina Mavrodi

Gear: Canon EOS 600D
Location: Moscow, Russia

This is one of my favorite shots. This series is called - "Lines". The concept was born absolutely by chance. I wanted to show the girl's body as an art object, like a combination of lines and shapes, while integrating all photos in black and white minimalism concept. I gave emphasis namely on lines, curves and first feelings.

Klark Bedini

Gear: Canon 7D
Location: Vlorë, Albania

The form makes its story.

Selina Staupe

Gear: Minolta xe-1
Location: Germany

This photo is part of a series about aesthetic and minimalist nudes. The series includes 3 individual pictures, each taken with an analogue camera - on color film

Sotiris Bougas

Gear: Canon 6d mark II
Location: Athens, Greece

This image showcases how ''fragile'' and how ''strong'' the human body can be or become. This is a metaphor for the brain, soul and heart. Although it looks broken, polymorphic and weird at the same moment, it's beautiful in it's own way. You have to break as a human in order to become stronger.

Tinatin Jabanashvili

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

The photo is from my series called 'autoportrait,' shot on a mobile phone.

Khalil Kwok

Gear: Sony A7 II
Location: Hong Kong

This is a series I'm working on called "Belongings", which is based on the subjective belief in a common origin that unites different individuals.

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