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The Creative

The Creative is calling all digital artists. For this category, we asked you to focus on high level and innovative Photoshop edits. What does your world of creative compositing look like? From custom brushes and shapes to highly refined color editing, what makes your creative artwork stand out?

Alicja Wróblewska

Gear: Canon 6D
Location: Krakow, Poland

Humans are increasingly polluting the environment by using and producing unnecessary plastic objects. Shops selling colorful disposable cups, plastic straws and other things. The European Commission announces the introduction of directives on reducing the number of disposable plastic products and clearing the Atlantic Ocean from lost fishing nets. The question is, when will this actually happen? Or will the lobby of producers of such products will prove to be stronger? The image consists of everyday objects in the form of sculpture. This sculpture is meant to draw attention to those objects that are undoubtedly nice to watch, but are a serious threat to the environment and deepening unreflective consumerism above all.

Miguel Angel Ramirez Velazco

Gear: DSLR
Location: Queretaro, Mexico

This is Erika, a good friend of mine. I decided to take her a portrait and to capture a little of her essence and her good vibes.

Jumo Aviles

Gear: Canon Reflex 7D
Location: Jaén, Spain

When I was a kid, I remember an adult separating my hand from another little boy’s hand at the school playground. Despite no one explaining anything to us, for the first time, we both felt guilt for showing affection to each other, and decided not to spend time together after that day. I believe it was at that time when I first learned to hide. It was so bad that for many years through my childhood and adolescence I had the sensation of choking and drowning. My only way out was to leave my mind blank and daydream about kinder, beautiful places.

The picture was taken during the summer at my parent’s house, where that feeling, after a long time, came back to my mind again. It felt like an urgent instinct to sink my head under cold water and transform that memory into an image so that it could be free.

Sam Vladimirsky

Gear: Nikon D610
Location: New York, USA

This image, entitled "Christine Performing the Role of Sam" is part of my ongoing series "Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man." This body of work seeks to dismantle and redefine the genre of self-portraiture. Both in title and visual vocabulary, this body of work engages with a century-old practice of the young artist seeking to depict their own image. Playing off of the illusionary qualities of mirrors, and the subjective perception of our self-image in photographs, I turn to the others to show me what I might actually look like. I ask my subjects to perform as myself before the camera, recreating both my physical characteristics and gestures. The final images are, in fact, collaborative in nature: my subjects do their own makeup and perform based on how they perceive me; I then manipulate these photographs before a mirror, adjusting my subjects' facial features to match what I believe myself to look like. The final images, which should be seen collectively, embody both my own self-perception and that of those around me, making for what I believe to be the most complete self-portrait.

Jonas Hafner

Gear: Nikon D800
Location: Hamburg, Germany

The picture was taken during a photography meetup last summer in Harz Nationalpark (Germany) where I spent a long weekend with some good old friends who love photography just as much as I do. The model in the picture is Runa Hansen, who’s such an inspiration and wonderful human being. My intention with the picture was to show someone who is kind of lost in a world that doesn’t belong to that person anymore. The air she breathes is something she took along from her past, something that has kept her going. In the picture it seems that she is starting to lose consciousness as the air is getting thinner. She’s slowly drifting away - not belonging to where she is now and where she used to be.

Andrew Edwards

Gear: Canon 600D
Location: London, United Kingdom

Untitled. I've always felt limited by photos and I always tried to push them past what they were originally. Using the geometric shapes/patterns to make something new. I'm influenced by abstract painting, geometric graphic design and abstract photography (especially the use of photograms). Luo Bonian's kaleidoscope work in particular and László Moholy-Nagy.

Hector Pitt

Gear: Nikon D610
Location: New York, USA

I wanted to experiment with using glass prisms to create reflections and symmetry- a rooftop at sunset seemed perfect. My friend in the photo ended up on the local news after somebody spotted him standing on the chimney from the ground & got an iPhone video of him.

Charis Kirchheimer

Gear: Fuji xpro
Location: San Diego, California

Experimentations with my muse.

Abdulrahman Ali Darani (aka Mani El-Darreiny)

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

The concept behind the photo was that prayer brings hope, it brings light amidst the engulfing darkness.

Bopit Intarasawat

Gear: Fujifilm X-T1
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

It was one of my workday evenings. I work as a maintenance technician. I have a thirst for photography. I always carry a camera with me, always. This particular day, while I was supervising construction work, I saw the sun going down on the horizon. All the workers stood watching the sunset. I noticed the line reflected light behind everyone's shirts. I want it to light up to mimic the wall and the light of the sky.

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