The Creative

The Creative

This one's for the digital artists. The Creative is challenging you to share your best digital edits, or even generative AI photography. What does your world of creative compositing look like?

Caterina Theoharidou

Gear: Digital Composition
Location: Puglia, Italy

A sculpture, a mannequin can take shape next to a human. The union of two souls.

Dmitry Bayer

Gear: Nikon d5200
Location: Odessa, Ukraine

It was magnificent July's sunrise on the coast of the Black sea. Me and my friend (Mary) decided to do this experimental series. All my works are based on my feelings and this is no exception.

Ismail Zaidy - l4artiste

Gear: Samsung s5
Location: Marrakech, Morocco

The idea is nurturing our vision, try to improve, learn, to keep a fresh perspective on the world.

Joël Petzold

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Passion makes you creative and you can find three of my biggest passions combined in this particular Image. Art, Photography and my Girlfriend.
I decided to work analog and not to use digital tools to combine these different components for my final composing. Working by hand with printed mediums brings me closer to the final image than having the distraction of a digital screen between me and my work.

Jumo Avilés

Gear: Canon 7D / Lens: 50mm
Location: Andalucía, Spain

The truth is that I basically took this picture thanks to a bowl, a straw and the cactus that we have next to the computer.

I love the fantasy that comes from real elements, that's why I always take images that allow me to observe reality and nature from a more personal perspective.

This image aims to talk about care, protection and delicacy. Although the set seems to be in tension, all the elements are necessary to create a balance that does not burst the bubble. For me, this is a metaphorical and fun way to understand our current relationship with nature.

Mariam Ushkhvani

Gear: Canon EOS 700D
Location: Lisi lake, Tbilisi, Georgia

The sea is my inspiration. Just because there is no sea in my hometown, I've made a decision to visit Lisi lake, to take a walk and relax. I got early on the lake with my friends, we took a camera on our way. In general, urban photography isn't my style, but at this moment I was obsessed with road signs and decent roads by their minimalisms. Basically, surrounding area was exactly the same I had expected. It gave me an inspiration to unite the details, which are represented in the picture.

Ming-Ju Hsieh

Gear: Canon 550d + SIGMA 30mm F1.4
Location: Guanyin Township, Taiwan

Relax and enjoy the sunshine on vacation.

Shchukin Nikita

Gear: Canon EOS 40d
Location: Abkhazia, Sukhum

From the very beginning I planned this photo in color to show the whole palette of autumn colors. However, in the process of studying this photo, I realized that it would be much better to convey the darkness and mystery of autumn, and therefore I made this photo black and white.  (I rarely use the black and white effect for photographs.) Then it seemed to me that some details were missing from this photograph, and I added the silhouette of a hand.  Looking at this photo, I immediately realized that I would call it “touch the autumn”

Vitaly Golovatyuk aka Panvelvet

Gear: Dji Phantom 4 Pro
Location: Hong Kong Island

I took that photo on my business trip to Hong Kong last year in April. It consists of 45 photos and what you see now is a result of an experiment I tried when I wanted to make something fresh.

Margherita Luce Maniscalco

Gear: Canon full frame
Location: Italy

I was pregnant, I had time for me and for researching with light and photos. I usually take self portraits and in that period I scanned a lot of photos of my flowers. I mixed it up creating that image. It's seems part of a painting, put into a not finished frame. I love the blending of the two images. The final result. Because it tells more stories in its apparent non-finiteness, maybe it tells a different story for each look who looks at it.

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