The view from SUCNA's Booth :3 Hibalag2014 SUCNA Hibalag2k14 Studentnurses SillimanUniversity
HBF2014 Hibalag2014 SillimanUniversity SUCNA
We don't care about being in the TOP. Because the most important thing we have in our organization is the bonding we have as a family. Through thick and thin, sun and rain, big and small, our hearts will pump the zeal and the passion to serve. RYLF, PassionOverPower ! WeBleedBlue BlueWarriors Silliman113 HBF2014 Hibalag2014 Torchparade (Photo: @dennizfutalan7 )
Otw to the Hibalag Booth Area... SUCNA HBF2014 Torchparade Hibalag2014 SillimanUniversity StudentNurses