"Use of dolls as a therapeutic intervention for aggression and psychomotor agitation among geropsychiatric inpatients" Interesting BalikTalent SUCN SillimanUniversity StudentNurses
Level IV baii!!! Awesome ! ProudClassmateHere :3 SUCN SUCNFestival SUCNAcquaintanceParty
TEAM=Together Everyone Achieves More! Good Job Juniors! :3 SUCN Level3 Studentnurses Team TeamBuilding SUAmphitheater Juniors
The Sea of Chairs NCM107A NursingLeadership SeminarPreps SUCN StudentNurses
So proud of these guys uyy... Congratz Code Blue! SUCN Studentnurses DanceForHealth CodeBlue HIMAMAT AllUniversityAcquaintanceParty
I changed my phone's wallpaper kay proud kaau ko sa amung college karung Intrams... Hehehe ;) SUCN BlueWarriors2013 Blue White Nursing SUIntrams2013 SUIntramurals2013 CollegeLove Silliman SillimanianUniversity
On this day, the weather wants you to know.... Rainy FinalsDay2 SUCN Studentnurses
Ready na mo guys!?? Ready na ang mga toblerone... ;D Colloquium Level3 NursingResearchI SUCN student nurses IfThisIsTheRoadToInternationalStardom
Lolo ko nga pala... haha joke... Taken kanina during our First Aid Stationing for the SUCNAssemble for our dear Freshies... Amazingrace SUCN Silliman
Pre-Seminar Selfie :P NursingLeadership SeminarPreps SUCN Studentnurses NCM107A
Ready, Set, GLOW!!! SUCN Glow Party Acquaintanceparty Sillimanians SillimanUniversity SUGym Nursing Handwashing CottonBalls Tickler&Mongol2
The place where the descendants of 'The Lady of the Lamp' roam. Hihihi :3 SUCN Nursing Blue BlueWarriors FlorenceNightingale Hibalag2013
Bea a.k.a. Ellen Adarna and the babes... Duty SurgeryRotation Studentnurses SUCN
After duty... Hahaha Haggard Studentnurse SUCN SUMC