When people hate on Eleanor by saying something like, "she doesn't do anything special to deserve my admiration." Or they compare her to the FAMOUS girlfriends of 1d. Like, "perrie has donated thousands of dollars to charity. What has Eleanor done?" ...PERRIE HAS MONEY ELEANOR DOESNT. Eleanor isnt rich, cant just go fly around the world to help kids. YOURE not any better! Im not saying that i like eleanor and think shes great, but i dont not like her for stupid reasons. I wish she would interact with the fans a little more so we can get to KNOW her. I know NOTHING about her except that she called Larry shippers "vile" and "deluded," buys her weight in starbucks, and tweets some mean things. And THOSE are not exactly reasons to like her. Sorry for rant. Comment if u read this whole thing. Onedirection Larrystylinson EleanorCalder Elounorisfake larrystylinson larryisreal larrysmut louistops louistomlinson harrystyles zerrie
Just cut my hair... ITS SO SHORT OMG [] Edsheeran MichaelClifford Elounorisfake Muke o2l narrystoran onedirection nouis ashtonirwin niallhoran harrystyles niam joshdevine calumhood larrysmut zerrie larrystylinson zaynmalik louistops louistomlinson liampayne larryfanart littlemix larryisreal
Im sorry but i really just dislike eleanor. Why do people like her? What do they even know about her? Shes annoying to me. Im sorry thats just my opinion. Elebeard Elounorisfake Larryisreal Larrystylinson larrysmut larryfanart louistops onedirection 5sos zerrie narrystoran nouis niam littlemix
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